FEB 12th - MAR 19th, 2023



Historically, Super Sunday has been a giant Super Bowl pre-party in Cambridge, MA which starts with a 5K/5M running race. When we were forced to go virtual in 2021, we leveled up to SEVEN races. The 7-race challenge was so popular that we're keeping it along with our in-person event. You can run one, some, or all seven--as often as you'd like, and on your own schedule.

Starting on Super Sunday (Feb 12) and continuing until the Sunday of St. Patrick's Day weekend (Mar 19), run your race(s) and submit your result as often as you'd like. Your fastest time for each race will count for the leaderboard, and if you run all seven races, you'll get onto the special "Mighty Runner" leaderboard.

Register today to $AVE! Entry fee increases Jan 1st.
Your entry fee includes unlimited races in some or all of the seven Super Sunday distances between Feb. 12th and Mar. 19th. You won't even need to decide which distance you're racing until you're finished running. For example, if you start your 5 mile race but start feeling sluggish a couple miles into it, you can stop at 3.11 miles and submit a 5K race result instead. Or you can finish the 5 miles, submit your result, and then try again in a few days. You can race over and over again to improve any race time as often as you want until Mar. 20th.