Boston 5K Summer Series - Cambridge, MA

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Groups: Please e-mail [email protected] about group registration.


Keep our runners running strong.

Join us for a day of fun while giving back. We rely on the help of hundreds of volunteers to keep our events running smoothly and safely. Volunteer opportunities include registration, bag check, signage, marshals, water stations, post-race party, and more. Groups are welcome, and most volunteer opportunities include extra perks like beer, swag and race vouchers. Sign up today and make a difference forever.

Volunteer roles and responsibilities typically go something like this:

Registration Crew

Registration volunteers assist with setting up the registration area, which includes tables, signs, bib numbers, safety pins, pens, and race swag items like hats, t-shirts, or other wearables. As runners arrive, volunteers give runners their bib number and appropriate swag items. After registration closes, volunteers will pack up remaining items and help load them into the equipment truck. Tables used for registration are often moved and/or rearranged for the post-race party.

Bag​ ​Check Crew

Bag check volunteers help with checking in runners' bags in the Bag Check area. Before the race, volunteers  help set up a secure area, often with tarps and tables. Materials needed include bag tags, markers, and plastic bags. Runners are given a tag to write their bib number on  attach it to their bag. Bag Check volunteers take the bags and arrange them numerically for easy retrieval when runners return after the race. The bag check area should always be attended to help keep the space secure.

Course​ ​Marshal Crew

Course marshals assist with setting up the signage and cones along the course before the race. During the race, course marshals direct the runners and ensure their safety by alerting other walkers, cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. After the race is complete, course marshals help clean up the signage, cones and any other materials along the race course.

Bike​ ​Marshal Crew

Bike marshals assist with final prep and review of the race course before the race. During the race, some bike marshals ride 1-2 minutes ahead of the field, while others ride alongside race leaders and vulnerable groups of runners to help ensure their safety. Bike marshals should be prepared to dismount their bike and assist on foot, so cleated shoes are not recommended.

Water​ ​Station Crew

Water station volunteers assist with setting up an area on the course, often at a mile marker, to hand cups of water to runners during the race. Water stations are equipped with tables, water jugs, paper cups, rubber gloves, and trash bags. Water should be pre-poured into cups (half-filled) before the runners arrive. Some volunteers should hold out half-filled cups and offer them to runners as they pass, while others fill additional cups. After the last runners have passed, volunteers should clean up all cups and place them in garbage bags. All materials should be broken down, loaded into a vehicle, and returned to the Start/Finish area.

Start/Finish​ ​Crew

Start/finish volunteers assist with setting up banners, signage, cones, and other materials. Volunteers will help runners line up for the race and ensure the race starts smoothly (with the assistance of the race director and staff). Two Start/Finish volunteers will hold a finish line tape for the first female and male runners to as they win the race. After the race, volunteers help clean up the start/finish area and load race equipment and materials into the equipment truck.

Party Crew (21+ only)

Party volunteers assist with prepping the beer tents, pouring (not serving) beer, awards ceremony, trash removal, and beer garden security during the post-race party.





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