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What is Super Sunday?

Super Sunday is a giant Super Bowl pre-party

which starts with a running race. Actually, we start with two races: a 5-miler and a 5K. After the race, we have a party with hot food, cold beer, and live music.

The three largest teams get to share two Bustonians with pizzas and a private stash of beverages for the after-party.

The 5-Mile Race includes a $5,510 cash purse and pays 10-deep! We also have a 5K, and for those not into running, party tickets can be purchased separately for $20, or purchased at a discount during the race registration process, or you can get in FOR FREE by volunteering during the race.

The entry fee increases on Jan 1st, and every day thereafter until raceday.
Yes, it goes up daily--so
register today to $AVE! 

Walkers are allowed in the 5K, but not the 5M. Please maintain a 18min/mile pace or faster because we are not allowed on the roads after 11:00am per the City of Cambridge.

Please help us recruit volunteers.
We are seeking volunteers to help with several aspects of the event; please sign up here. Volunteers receive a free hat and free entry into the post-race party.