February 28, 2023

After an almost three-year battle with Chondrosarcoma of the Larynx, Pete was put on hospice care last week. 

The cancer was diagnosed initially in August of 2020, after he developed a progressively hoarse voice earlier in the year (during the initial Covid lockdown).  This type of cancer is typically slow-growing and not likely to spread. 

He had a partial laryngectomy in November 2020, and had an uneventful recovery.  However, by May of 2022 he was having difficulty breathing.  A CT scan revealed the cancer had returned.  He then underwent a full laryngectomy, followed by radiation, in July of 2022 and again recovered quite well– with the exception of a persistent cough.  A follow-up CT scan in November of 2022 showed that the cancer had spread to his lungs, and has continued to spread at an incredibly rapid pace.

After trying a trial drug as well as a selective targeted treatment (TKI) drug, the decision was made to transition to hospice care.  We are processing all of this as we begin to navigate these new waters.  He has good days and bad, but we’re doing our best to keep them as positive as we can, and he still hasn’t lost his epic sense of humor. 

We want to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers.  They have meant so much to us throughout this journey.

With Love,
Jen and Pete

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