March 6, 2023

Well, the first week of hospice started out pretty rocky.  Not because of Pete, but because of hospice. Apparently they weren’t all created equally.  We interviewed a new service today that seems much more responsive and collaborative.  We have begun the transfer process to them and hope that things start to go a little more smoothly.  

Pete is doing as well as can be expected.  He has learned that it is important for him to prioritize the things he needs to leave the couch for.  He was trying to eat dinner at the table, and it has just become too tough as breathing becomes challenging when he does too much.  We did learn some symptom management tools from the new team, and were also advised to try to limit the duration and frequency of visitors and messages, to make sure that he doesn’t overdo it (always the host and friend that he is).  

That said, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone for all the kind messages, dinners, thoughts and prayers you have all provided throughout this journey.  You have helped us navigate something that has many times felt impossible.  

I will continue to provide daily updates to keep everyone informed of his status. 

With love,
Jen and Pete

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